How to install MT4 platform(s) on Forex VPS

MetaTrader 4 tutorials (MT4)
How to install MT4 platform(s) on Forex VPS

STEP 1 – Connecting to the VPS

Begin with connecting to your Forex VPS from MyForexVPS.

connected to forex vps

STEP 2 – Downloading MT4 on the VPS

Open Google Chrome and go to Metatrader4 website.

Alternatively, you can download Metatrader4 from your Broker’s website. Broker’s version of MT4 is usually pre-configured with brokers’ trading servers. This is how you can get to it:

  • Go to your broker’s website and login to your Client Area. Find the MT4 installation file, usually, there is a Download section.
  • Check your account opening email. If it contains a link to the MT4 installation file, you can open the email in Google Chrome on your VPS and download the installation file to the VPS.
  • If you have an MT4 installation file on your home/office computer you can Copy the file and then Paste it on the VPS Desktop. Alternatively, you can email it and open the email in Google Chrome on your VPS.


Go to the Download section.

Download mt4 step 2

Scroll down and locate the Download button [1].

Once the file has finished downloading, click the file [2].

Download mt4 step 4

STEP 3 – Installing MT4 on the VPS

The MT4 installation window with open.

Press Run to continue [1].

Install mt4 step 1

Once the Metatdater4 installation begins, you need to configure the settings, as you, most likely, will be installing multiple instances of MT4 platform on the VPS.

Click Settings [1].

Install mt4 step 2

Installing multiple MT4 platforms on the VPS requires different (unique) folders to be used for each platform.

In the settings, if this it the first MT4 platform you are installing, we recommend adding ” – 1″ in the path. See [1] and [2].

For every new platform, just increment ” – 1″ index by 1, so each platform get its unique folder.

Once finished editing the paths, click Next [3]. The installation will begin. Wait a few seconds.

Install mt4 step 3

Once the installation has finished. Click Finish.

Install mt4 step 4


Now your MT4 platform is installed and running 24/7 on your VPS from MyForexVPS.

Install mt4 step 5

STEP 4 (optional) – Configuring MT4 to run in Portable Mode

We recommend running your MT4 on the VPS in so-called “Portable” mode. In this way, MT4 will store all its data in the folder where MT4 is installed.

If you click File [1] and then Open Data Folder [2] you will see the location of MT4 platform Data folder, ie. the folder to place Experts Advisors and Indicators.

mt4 portable step 1

As you can see, by default, the path to the Data Folder is different from where the MT4 is installed.

mt4 portable step 2

To switch to the Portable mode, close (exit) the MT4 platform completely.

Locate the shortcut on the MT4, right-click and select Properties.

mt4 portable step 3

See that the current target path is:

“C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\terminal64.exe”

mt4 portable step 4

Modify it by adding a space and /portable

The modified path ending should look like:

“C:\Program Files\MetaTrader\terminal64.exe” /portable

Click OK to save the settings.

mt4 portable step 5

Finally, if you check the Data Folder in the MT4 platform, you should now see that the Data folder is now located in the MT4 installation folder.

mt4 portable step 6


We wish you lots of profitable trades

MyForexVPS Team.