MyRDP Console – RDP via Browser

  • Use any web browser to access your remote desktop of VPS for Forex with full functionality RDP client.
  • Now you can easily and securely access your Forex server from anywhere in the world, using the device of your choice.
  • Due to cross-browser and cross-platform ability, My Forex VPS myRDP users of Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and IOS can work with Windows and Windows-based applications through their favorite browser.
  • We use SSL encryption to protect data transmitted by you, so you can be secure while accessing the server from public places with internet access, free Wifi hotspots, while on leave from a hotel or from your mobile phone even on 3G.
  • My Forex VPS myRDP can be used with any computer, on any device. Users of Chromebook, Android tablets, Ipad, iPhone,s and other smartphones can also remotely connect to their server and enjoy full control of the terminal. All you need is an HTML5-compatible browser.
  • My Forex VPS myRDP supports Internet Explorer 9 and later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other web browsers with support for HTML5.
  • The service is offered free of charge to all customers, starting from the tariff PRO X and higher!


Screenshots of the myRDP console

  • Sign in to console My Forex VPS myRDP
  • Client area listing available Forex VPS instances
  • Remote desktop in your web browser