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Maximize Profitability with the World's Best Algo Trading Servers Offering Low Latency and a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
Solo VPS
  • icon param
    1-3 forex terminals*
  • icon param
    Optimized for MT4/MT5
  • icon param
    2 GB RAM
  • icon param
    CPU 2.3 GHz (1 core)
  • icon param
    30 GB SSD
  • icon param
    Windows Server 2016/2019
13.99 $
Order VPS
  • icon param
    1-6 forex terminals*
  • icon param
    Optimized for MT4/MT5
  • icon param
    3 GB RAM
  • icon param
    CPU 2.3 GHz (1 core)**
  • icon param
    35 GB SSD
  • icon param
    Windows Server 2016/2019
18.99 $
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Xpert VPS
  • icon param
    1-10 forex terminals*
  • icon param
    Optimized for MT4/MT5
  • icon param
    4 GB RAM
  • icon param
    CPU 4.6 GHz (2 cores)**
  • icon param
    40 GB SSD
  • icon param
    Windows Server 2016/2019
29.99 $
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Guru VPS
  • icon param
    1-16 forex terminals*
  • icon param
    Optimized for MT4/MT5
  • icon param
    6 GB RAM
  • icon param
    CPU 6.9 GHz (3 cores)**
  • icon param
    50 GB SSD
  • icon param
    Windows Server 2016/2019
53.99 $
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Ultra VPS
  • icon param
    1-24 forex terminals*
  • icon param
    Optimized for MT4/MT5
  • icon param
    8 GB RAM
  • icon param
    CPU 9.2 GHz (4 cores)**
  • icon param
    100 GB SSD
  • icon param
    Windows Server 2016/2019
89.99 $
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  • * - recommended amount of terminals based typical (average) CPU and RAM requirements.
  • ** - guaranteed CPU resources, not Shared between clients!
Ultra Low Latency Forex VPS
With our Ultra Low Latency Forex VPS, you can position yourself as close as possible to your FX broker's servers. Benefit from minimal latency, enabling lightning-fast order execution that reduces slippage and improves your chances of order fulfillment ahead of other traders. High-speed execution is crucial for high-frequency forex trading, resulting in increased profitability. Latency (ping), measured as the time taken for your message/order to travel from your VPS to your broker, plays a crucial role in optimizing your trading performance.
Forex Broker Latency
  • Alpari (USA)
  • LMAX (UK)
  • ActiveTrades (UK,NL)
  • ICMarkets (USA)
  • ForexClub (NL)
  • Alpha Capital Markets (NL)
MyForexVPS Latency to FX Brokers
Latency in milliseconds (ms)
Carefully chosen, strategic Forex VPS Locations
Experience Lightning-Fast Execution with Ultra Low Latency
Our Forex VPS service offers unparalleled ultra low latency, with latency as low as 0.5 milliseconds. This ultra-fast speed ensures the fastest possible execution of orders, enabling you to maximize profitability and seize trading opportunities without delay.
Experience Unparalleled Uptime with Our Forex VPS Service
Our specialized VPS for Forex trading ensures an exceptional uptime of 99.99%. Since May 2012, we have consistently maintained an impressive uptime of 99.99%, providing you with unmatched reliability and peace of mind to concentrate solely on your FX trading activities.
Rapid Forex VPS Activation for Immediate Trading
Experience the convenience of instant activation for your Forex VPS. Once you place an order and complete the payment, your fully functional Forex VPS will be up and running within just 15 minutes.
Secure and Reliable with a Dedicated IP Address
Our Forex VPS provides the assurance of a dedicated IP address, ensuring that your VPS IP is never blocked by the datacenter or brokers due to actions of other VPS users.
Seamless Forex Trading with Unlimited Traffic
Our Forex VPS service offers unlimited traffic, allowing for uninterrupted trading. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited data transfer, ensuring seamless and reliable performance for your Forex VPS.
Reliable and Dedicated Resources for Seamless Performance
Our Forex VPS service provides guaranteed resources, ensuring 100% availability of advertised CPU and RAM. Unlike shared resource environments, our dedicated resources are exclusively yours, delivering uninterrupted and high-performance trading experiences.
Enhanced Performance with Enterprise-Grade SSD Storage
Experience lightning-fast speed with our Forex VPS service, powered by enterprise-grade pure SSD storage. Our SSD technology offers unmatched performance, boasting speeds 1000 times faster than SATA/SAS drives. Moreover, our enterprise-grade SSD storage ensures exceptional reliability compared to consumer-grade SSDs.
Full Control and Accessibility with Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)
Experience complete administrative access to your Forex VPS through Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) software. Gain full control over your VPS from your PC, Mac, or iOS/Android/Windows enabled smartphone, ensuring seamless accessibility and convenience.
Works with All Forex Brokers, Terminals, and Expert Advisors
Our Forex VPS service offers universal compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with ALL Forex brokers, terminals, and expert advisor software. Enjoy the flexibility to use your preferred tools and platforms, enhancing your trading experience.
Microsoft Intel IBM Servers EvoSwitch
Optimized Forex VPS Hosting for MT4 Traders and Expert Advisors
Discover our specialized Forex VPS hosting services designed specifically for traders using MT4 and Expert Advisors. With a proven track record since 2012, we offer reliable and tailored solutions. Our strategically located data centers in New York, London, and Amsterdam ensure proximity to major financial hubs and Forex brokers. By colocating our VPS services near your broker's servers, we minimize latency and maximize profit potential. Our support extends to popular trading apps like NinjaTrader and TradeStation. Rest assured, your private information is fully protected. Our dedicated support team is ready to provide prompt assistance and answer any questions you may have.
Forex VPS Plans
Why use a VPS for Forex Trading?
There are several compelling reasons to consider using a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for forex trading instead of relying on your own computer at home or the office. Here are the key benefits.

Uninterrupted Trading with Expert Advisors (EAs): A VPS ensures uninterrupted, round-the-clock operation of your expert advisors. It eliminates the risk of power outages or internet disconnections that can disrupt your trading activities. Your EAs will continue to execute trades flawlessly even when you're not directly connected to the VPS.

Flexible Access from Anywhere: Once your trading software and expert advisors are set up and running on your VPS, you can disconnect from the VPS while everything continues to operate smoothly. This means you can access and control your trading software from anywhere in the world using any device, such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You are no longer limited to trading only from the location where your personal computer is located.

Reduced Slippage and Increased Profitability: Forex VPS helps reduce slippage, thereby increasing profitability and minimizing losses, particularly when using automated trading strategies. On a VPS, trades are executed swiftly due to low latency or ping. This refers to the time it takes for your trading orders to travel from the VPS to your broker's server. Specialized Forex VPS platforms are strategically located in close proximity to popular brokers' servers, ensuring fast internet connections and wide bandwidth for optimal trade execution.
How many MT4 terminals or currency pairs can I run on the VPS?
The number of MT4 terminals or currency pairs you can run on a VPS depends on various factors that are unique to your MT4 and EA configurations.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind.

CPU and RAM Usage: All programs, including MT4 and EAs, consume CPU and RAM resources on the VPS. The available CPU and RAM resources are limited based on the VPS plan you have chosen.

Number of Charts: The number of charts you have open in each MT4 terminal affects the CPU and RAM usage. More charts require additional CPU and RAM resources.

VPS Plan Selection: If you plan to run 1 or 2 MT4 terminals with 1-3 charts in each, starting with a SOLO or PRO plan should be sufficient. You can observe the CPU and RAM utilization in the Task Manager of the VPS. When no MT4 terminals are running, the CPU load should be zero.

Gradual Expansion: Start by running the first MT4 terminal, open the necessary charts, and activate your EAs. Observe the CPU and RAM usage in the Task Manager. If the CPU and RAM are not fully consumed, you can continue adding more MT4 terminals and opening charts with EAs.

Resource Utilization: To ensure optimal performance of the VPS, it is recommended not to exceed 80% of the available CPU and RAM resources.

Upgrade Options: If you need to add more MT4 terminals and the CPU and RAM utilization is already above 80%, it may indicate the need for a more powerful VPS plan. In such cases, you can contact support to perform an upgrade.

Remember that the specific number of MT4 terminals and currency pairs you can run on a VPS will depend on the resources required by your individual configurations. It's advisable to monitor resource usage and upgrade your VPS plan if needed to ensure smooth and efficient operation.
How to order Forex VPS?
To order a Forex VPS, follow these simple steps:

Choose a Forex VPS Plan: Select the Forex VPS plan that best suits your requirements. Consider factors such as CPU, RAM, storage, and bandwidth to ensure it aligns with your trading needs.

rovide Billing Details: Fill in your billing details as requested. This typically includes your name, contact information, and payment information. Double-check the accuracy of the information before proceeding.

Receive Personal Account and Invoice: Once you have completed the billing details, you will receive a personal account for your Forex VPS. Login details for the account will be sent to your provided email address. You will also receive an email with your invoice for reference.

Make Payment: You will be redirected to the payment processor's website to complete the payment process. Follow the instructions provided to make the payment securely. Payments are registered automatically once completed.

Automatic Deployment: After your payment has been received, the Virtual Server you ordered will start deploying automatically. The installation process usually takes around 15 minutes.

Confirmation and Login Details: Once the deployment is complete, you will receive an auto-generated email containing important details about your Forex Server. This email will include your server parameters and login credentials.

Start Trading: With your Forex VPS fully operational, you can now start trading. Use the provided login credentials to access your VPS and set up your trading platform and expert advisors.

Remember to keep a record of your login credentials and important server details for future reference. If you encounter any issues or need assistance, reach out to the support team for prompt help.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Skrill, Webmoney, and Crypto payments (70+ different cryptocurrencies). If you overpay, credit will be applied to your account automatically which can be used for the next payment. Account credit is always used before charging other type of payments for active service (if there is no active PayPal or Credit Card subscription).
Any questions?
Write your question on our mail and we will answer you soon

Introducing the best Forex VPS server designed to assist traders in achieving optimal results in Forex trading. In today’s trading landscape, automation has become essential across various industries, including stock and forex exchange operations. Automated Forex trading has emerged as the top choice for both novice and experienced traders, offering several advantages:


  1. Flexibility: Automated trading provides access to opportunities that may be missed in manual trading, allowing traders to select and act upon them as needed.
  2. Mobility: By utilizing virtual machines, expert advisors and automated trading tools, traders can avoid being tied to their computers constantly. This ensures they never miss out on the best chances to maximize their assets.
  3. Streamlined Trading Process: Automation keeps traders informed and allows them to make timely decisions, ensuring they stay ahead of market trends.


However, both automated and manual trading require a reliable internet connection and powerful hardware. This is where a VPS trading server comes into play.


What is Forex VPS?


Let’s delve into the concept of a VPS for Forex. Remote virtual servers are not a new phenomenon and have been widely used for website hosting purposes for many years. Just as businesses have benefited from hosting their websites on secure and reliable servers in data centers, Forex traders now leverage the same opportunity. In essence, a Forex VPS is a dedicated virtual space provided by datacenters and VPS service providers that enables traders to operate efficiently on forex and stock exchanges.


A Forex trade VPS offers the following advantages to traders:

  1. Reliable Internet Connection: Enjoy a seamless trading experience with impeccable internet connectivity, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted trading without any delays.
  2. Enhanced Reliability: Say goodbye to concerns about power outages, system glitches, or PC failures affecting your trading activities.
  3. Remote Access: Access your trading platform from anywhere in the world and on any device, like MyRDP Console, providing you with the flexibility to trade whenever and wherever you choose.
  4. Robust Performance: Benefit from a powerful CPU and operating system, capable of hosting your trading software effectively.
  5. Ping Check for Forex Brokers: By conducting regular ping checks or latency assessments to Forex brokers, traders can ensure they are connected to the fastest possible server, thereby optimizing trade execution and minimizing potential delays or lags in transmitting trade orders.


In conclusion, utilizing a VPS for Forex trading offers convenience and profitability, making it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, our affordable VPS options for Forex traders ensure that the costs are quickly recouped.


The Key Benefits of Our Forex VPS Solutions


When discussing the significant advantages of VPS for Forex, it’s important to understand how it works. In simple terms, a Forex VPS server can be compared to your personal computer but with a cloud-based origin. By connecting remotely to the server, you gain access to a pre-installed operating system that allows you to install trading software and execute automated trades without any failures or delays. This is particularly crucial in the ever-changing forex and stock markets.


Located in state-of-the-art data centers, our Forex server offers the following features:

  1. Continuous Operation: Unlike a home PC that can experience overloading, overheating, or freezing, our VPS operates non-stop.
  2. Ample Storage Space: With significant storage capacity, our VPS allows you to handle large volumes of data, which is essential for Forex analytics and forecasting tools.
  3. Convenience of Automated Trading: You can customize automated trading to your preference, eliminating the need for constant personal presence at your PC. This frees up your time to focus on your daily routines.
  4. Compatibility with Resource-Intensive Software: Our VPS supports resource-intensive software, eliminating the need for a high-performance PC. You can utilize such software seamlessly on your dedicated Forex VPS.


In summary, there are five key benefits to enjoy with remote Forex servers:

  1. Enhanced Security.
  2. Freedom from Overloads or Connection Losses.
  3. Optimal Efficiency.
  4. Accessible from Any Device Worldwide.
  5. Cost-Effectiveness.


Discovering the Profitable Features of Low-Latency Forex VPS


Our data centers offer the most advantageous low-latency Forex VPS hosting services, making it the most profitable option for any trader.


Several features contribute to our ability to provide the cheapest VPS for Forex with low latency:

  1. Strategic Server Locations: We host our Forex VPS in top-notch business areas with reliable internet connections and robust energy sources to avoid outages and disruptions.
  2. High-Quality Hardware: Our servers utilize cutting-edge hardware with exceptional power and efficiency, surpassing market standards.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring: Our staff constantly monitors the servers to proactively prevent any disruptions or latency issues.


As a result, we proudly claim to be the best Forex VPS hosting provider with the lowest latency. This ensures instant signal transmission to your broker without any delays. Our low-latency Forex VPS is suitable for both manual and algorithmic trading modes, allowing you to install numerous expert advisors, bots, and analytical software for profitable trading.


Our Datacenters are Dedicated to Your Service


The quality of a VPS is heavily influenced by the data center where it is hosted. At our company, we prioritize data center efficiency and security, striving to provide the best Forex VPS hosting.


Our services include:

  1. Reliable VPS with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for easy remote access.
  2. Powerful VPS Forex servers with limitless capabilities.
  3. Convenient and affordable Forex VPS with an intuitive Windows OS.
  4. Secure Forex VPS with top-level data protection.


All these options are available at affordable prices, which can be found on the Forex VPS Hosting Plans page. We understand that trading Forex can be challenging without powerful hardware or in regions prone to power outages. Hence, we offer affordable Forex VPS solutions that prioritize reliability.


Contact MyForexVPS for a quote and experience a win-win solution!


Summing It Up


VPS for Forex traders is not just a passing trend; it is genuinely one of the most profitable tools available today. If you require reliable hardware with high-level protection, low latency, and minimal risk of disruptions, our VPS offerings are precisely what you need. We go beyond mere virtual server hosting, providing top-level services at a reasonable price to help you achieve exceptional results in your Forex trading endeavors.